Sunday, September 1, 2013

Working Out the Kinks

Latest photos for BE THE GOLD

Another photo shoot completed. This time at a gym and not a dumbbell-treadmill-aerobics kind of gym. We are talking about a gymnastics.

We had a super talented young man step in as our model. He was very accommodating, coming in from out of town for the shoot. It was by far the most physically grueling session due to the fact that there was so many possibilities for pictures with all the equipment and apparatuses there.

We tried several poses which were relatively easy to shoot but not to easy for our gymnast to hold for long periods of time. To us, it seemed we worked the poor guy to death, but he seemed barely winded by all the athletics we forced on him.

For the most part, photo sessions are almost done with only two more big sessions to go. Hopefully they will be completed in about a week.

In other news, September is now upon us! August just flew by as I did my best to prepare for Childhood Cancer Awareness month. There are so many great things planned for September that I CAN NOT wait to unveil.

As I threw myself into this project, I have slept little these last few weeks, giving it all I got, hoping and praying that my big idea will make a big enough splash, hoping and praying it can be successful. So little sleep between this project, my family (including my 2 month-old) and my persistent brain which rarely lets me relax. Even when I am not actively working on this, I am still thinking and working things out in my mind. When I am unloading the dryer, loading the dishwasher, pumping gas, buying groceries, changing a diaper... I am thinking about this. When I am drifting off to sleep and when I wake up... I am thinking about this. I actually have dreams about this project. I find myself jotting down notes at 3 o'clock in the morning on a regular basis (usually I'm forced to be coherent at that time to feed or change a crying baby).

Yes, I am trying not to let the thought of failure enter my mind. I am trying hard to shush the voice in my head that says, "You're CA-razy for thinking you can actually change the world." But maybe the lack of sleep is helping with that. Lack of sleep can make you a little crazy and maybe you need to be a little crazy to think you can change the world.

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