Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Proclamation!

Yesterday was a big day for the BE THE GOLD movement!
The city of Rexburg graciously made an official proclamation making September 2013 BE THE GOLD Childhood Cancer Awareness month!

I had the pleasure to attend the city council meeting making it all official. I was also given the opportunity to speak briefly and give thanks to Mayor Woodland and the rest of the city council members. It was a great experience!

Even though the proclamation is for the month of September, the BE THE GOLD aims to be a year-round movement. This proclamation is a great jumping off point!

After the meeting was over, I made my best effort to record the event with my camera. Unfortunately, the florescent lights weren't very flattering. Still, it was such a special night, I just had to post a picture. Upon meeting me, Mayor Woodland asked, "So are you the 'Gold Lady'?". I smiled because I had never been called that before, but I guess the name fits. I have gold on the mind all the time. Gratefully,  more people have joined me in BEing THE GOLD too. :)

In other news, #BeTheGold videos are over 350K views! I am so excited for tomorrow's #BeTheGold video to go live! I am a big fan!

1 comment:

  1. You are amazing!! I saw your Be the Gold flyer at Broulim's when I was checking out yesterday. I said oh that is my friend she started this. The cashier, who I know said, I was wondering what that was. I told her it is to raise awareness of childhood cancer. Can I get a Be the Gold tag for baby sitting. I can't print one I'm out of ink right now.


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