Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Front Page Above the Fold!

Front page on the Standard Journal!

So excited! Last week I  had an interview with the Rexburg Standard Journal. I was so nervous going in but that quickly melted away when I shook hands with reporter writing the story. Preston Lindsey was a pleasure to interview with. He was kind and genuinely interested in the BE THE GOLD story. The interview went on for over an hour but it flew by super quickly. After the interview was done, I felt really good, both from getting through something that beforehand caused plenty of anxiety and also because I felt it was a great experience that would help spread more awareness throughout the community.

I knew the story would be printed today but I didn't think it would front page news! How excited I was when I got a Facebook comment from a local friend that saw my son's picture on the news stands. I was in awe! I am humbled by the priority spot the Standard put the story in and grateful for the exposure the movement had and will receive because of it.

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