Saturday, September 14, 2013

Pass the GOLD

Another great photo shoot by Mindy Weston Photography

Lots of laughs always accompany the shoots.

So many exciting things happening!

Let's start off by talking about the fabulous photo shoot this week. As usual, Mindy did an outstanding job capturing the vision in my head. The lighting was wonderful with a sunny day as the backdrop. The models were so easy to direct. All and all, it was a quick easy shoot with great results! Check out the main website's "Home" page for the final shots.

Earlier in the week, I announced the winner for the business card giveaway. The winning suggestion was "Gold Cards" which might seem a little on the nose but fits perfectly. People have been naturally calling them "Be The Gold cards" and "Gold cards" for short. When I hand them out, I always mention that these cards are meant to travel and never stay in one place. "Like and pass it along", I always say.

We shot this pose with a couple different backgrounds. The glass door background in the first pic won out.

Even indoors, the lighting was cooperating.

In other exciting news, #BeTheGold videos reached a combined 250K views today! A quarter MILLION! AH-mazing! In fact, as I write this, the official current count is 262,340! More videos going live throughout the coming weeks. In order to make browsing the videos more efficient and to introduce different channels to those not yet familiar with them, I made a icon key for the page. Check it out in the "Video" tab of the main website.

New icon key on Video page

So today has felt like a great day! I am so excited to see what the next few days, weeks and months have in store!

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