Monday, September 16, 2013

Painting the town GOLD

Some of my face painting designs... a couple I had to totally "wing it".

I had a great time last Friday at the BE THE GOLD Free Face Painting Booth at the local Farmer's Market. I am not a professional face painter but I so enjoy it. This was only my third time face painting.... ever.... in. my. life. My experience resume, before the last two Farmer's Markets, was my son's birthday party a couple of years ago. I did much of my learning through watching YouTube videos.

This week's designs seemed to go through a quantum leap from last week's. I credit it to being less nervous, having a few more hours practice under my belt and especially having a tall chair for the kids to sit in. Last week, I was forced to sit across from the kids at normal chair level. Not the best position for artistry, I would say. This week, with the addition of a counter-height chair, I could stand while painting. The paint and brush table were also counter-height. Yes, I was standing most of the day but the designs (and my back) thanked me for it.

I have a couple dozen designs in my repertoire but I always aim to please, so when a little guy whispered for a "wittle baby long neck " and a guy asked for a Hunger Games beard, I winged it and gave it my best shot. The most popular designs by far for the day were butterfly and princess masks. Boys seemed to ask for more variety.

One of the most popular designs for the day!

Great helpers!
I was so pleased with the day, I honestly started to think I missed my calling as a professional face painter. But what has made the experience all the more sweeter (other than the reactions of the kids when I show their finished faces through a mirror) is knowing that I am reaching out to the community and providing a free service that does an amazing job of spreading awareness. It really is so satisfying. At the end of the day when I am tired and packing up, I just feel so good. I feel like I'm glowing. Weird maybe, but I totally feel uplifted and like I did something worthwhile. I love it! I would consider providing the service for free long-term if the paints I use (professional quality face paints) weren't so expensive.

I must mention that I had a couple great helpers both weeks. They help with line-control, chatting to people about BE THE GOLD and handing out badges and cards. They are also volunteering their time and I am so appreciative of it.

In other news, #BeTheGold videos are almost at 300k total combined views. More videos coming soon. Stay tuned! My heart feels like bursting from the excitement!

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