Friday, September 27, 2013

Loco for GOLD

I am so excited about this special event hosted by Rexburg Kiwi Loco! They generously donated 20% of sales between 6pm-9pm last night to CureSearch, a childhood cancer research foundation. Plus, people wearing a BE THE GOLD badge received a free cookie! They were delicious warm just-baked cookies too!

Images at the checkout stands. How cool is that!?!
The Standard Journal even wrote a piece about it. CLICK HERE to read.

It was so neat to walk in the store and find BE THE GOLD posters and signs everywhere. The Kiwi Loco employees even wore BE THE GOLD badges! What I thought was extra cool was the digital screens located at the check out presenting the BE THE GOLD badge image and the BE THE GOLD Night flyer! It was kind of surreal!

We all enjoyed some awesome frozen yogurt (Tip: Cake Batter flavor is amazing!). It was a fun time!

Today I called the manager at the Kiwi Loco to find out how the night went and to let him know I would be picking up the posters later today. I was so pleasantly surprised to hear him ask if they could wear the BE THE GOLD badges for the remainder of the month! How AWESOME! Thank you Rexburg Kiwi Loco for hosting this event, for your generous donation to CureSearch and for your overall enthusiasm for BE THE GOLD!

Thank you Rexburg Kiwi Loco for hosting this BE THE GOLD supporting event!

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