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What is BE THE GOLD?

BE THE GOLD is a grassroots social media childhood cancer awareness movement. Gathering momentum from social media buzz, the ultimate goal is to get the attention of major brands so they will put gold on their products (similar to how pink is on products for breast cancer). This will result in more funding dollars being directed to childhood cancer research. More funding means more research, medical breakthroughs, improved treatments and a possible cure.

How did BE THE GOLD start?

BE THE GOLD was created by me, a cancer mom, striving to find a way to get more dollars going towards childhood cancer research. After much research and study of past cancer campaigns and of other successful multi-media culture, the answer became clear; grassroots social media! With skill sets learned throughout my life, I embarked on the quest to change the world through BE THE GOLD.

Why The BE THE GOLD badge?

Most people don't know what gold ribbon stands for or mistakenly think it is yellow for supporting the troops. (The troops are awesome BTW.) With the success of "Movember", which stays away from ribbons all together and makes facial hair the new symbol, BE THE GOLD strives to do something similar with the Gold name tag. The badge also signifies that the wearer is committed to be an advocate for childhood cancer awareness. It makes people ambassadors for the cause.

Is BE THE GOLD a charity?

No. BE THE GOLD is not a charity or even a fundraiser.  NO money is generated for BE THE GOLD.  The blog is ad free.  The youtube channel is empty except for “LIKES” activity for our youtube participants' videos. The only goal is to create a buzz and get big brands attention.

How can I help?

There are several ways to help. Visit the How to BE THE GOLD page for ideas for how you can BE THE GOLD.

(Photo by Cami Thomassen Photography)

How is Dallin doing?

Dallin was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at age 3 1/2 back in August 2011. He is currently in remission and in the "Long Term Maintanance" phase of treatment (a.k.a. LTM).

During the first 9 months of treatment, known as "front line treatment", he lost all his hair and endured several different chemo meds, surgeries and hospital stays. After 9 months, he entered LTM, but still takes daily oral chemo, plus monthly bloodstream chemo, plus interthecal chemo (brain/spinal chemo) once every 2 to 3 months, as well as pain and anusea meds as needed. He has 1 1/2 years of treatment to go with a total treatment time of 3 1/2 years.

He is a happy kid and enjoys building things, Star Wars, Angry Birds, Legos, math and art. He enjoys music, most specifically musical arrangements with piano, percussion and strings (think ThePianoGuys) and accapella ("Look Mommy, they make music with no instruments!").

About Elizabeth


I was born in California. Married my Canadian husband almost 11 years ago. We have 3 beautiful children including Dallin (5), Sophie (almost 2) and Henry (3 months old).

I have always been a creative and artistic person. My main talent, I feel, is in ideas. I seem to generate new "stuff" and ideas relatively easily. I attended college for graphic and fine art in pursuit of a Multi-Media Arts degree.  I learned a little of everything art/media related.

I am usually a very introverted, shy person, but when I am really passionate about something, I can be very enthusiastic and outspoken. I am extremely passionate about the BE THE GOLD movement. It has given me purpose. It has given my son's diagnosis purpose.

Who takes all the awesome photos on your site?

All of the photos on the site are credit captioned unless taken by me.  Most of the photos are taken by Mindy Weston photography. Visit her fan page and show her some love!

(photo by Mindy Weston Photography)

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