Sunday, March 9, 2014

Introducing BE THE GOLD Mini Badges!

Introducing BE THE GOLD mini badges!

These pint-sized pins pack a big awareness punch. Great to wear anywhere; school, work, while running errands, a PTA meeting, in a YouTube video, Instagram pic, anywhere!

Making them is easy!

Step 1.) Print out a sheet of Mini Badges by CLICKING HERE and then clicking on the print icon.
(preferably on white card stock)

Step 2.) Cut out the badges! (Tip: A paper cutter/slicer will make this a breeze!)

Step 3.) Laminate! Make sure to leave some room around each individual badge and cut each out. (Tip: Thicker lamination works best.)

Step 4.) Attach an self-Adhesive Bar Pin to the back. (Tip: These are easily found at your local Walmart in the jewelry/craft making section and cost around $2 for a pack of 20.)


Make one or dozens! Share with friends!

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