Sunday, March 9, 2014

Introducing BE THE GOLD Mini Badges!

Introducing BE THE GOLD mini badges!

These pint-sized pins pack a big awareness punch. Great to wear anywhere; school, work, while running errands, a PTA meeting, in a YouTube video, Instagram pic, anywhere!

Making them is easy!

Step 1.) Print out a sheet of Mini Badges by CLICKING HERE and then clicking on the print icon.
(preferably on white card stock)

Step 2.) Cut out the badges! (Tip: A paper cutter/slicer will make this a breeze!)

Step 3.) Laminate! Make sure to leave some room around each individual badge and cut each out. (Tip: Thicker lamination works best.)

Step 4.) Attach an self-Adhesive Bar Pin to the back. (Tip: These are easily found at your local Walmart in the jewelry/craft making section and cost around $2 for a pack of 20.)


Make one or dozens! Share with friends!

Saturday, January 25, 2014


What an exciting day! 3 Million views on #bethegold YouTube videos and counting!

"Only Hope" cover by the Gardiner Sisters

Thank you to all the supporters and especially the awesome Youtubers that have worked so hard to help this cause. Yesterday the Gardiner Sisters debut their stunning cover of "Only Hope" in support of BE THE GOLD. The video's cinematography was just amazing and the girls sound goose-bumps-good. It is just magical to watch and listen to.

And the sisters are through yet! They are following up the video with a challenge,

"Our Gardinerds are the BEST! Thank you for all your support so far in joining us in the @bethegold campaign! Repost this photo to help raise awareness for childhood cancer and tweet it at us using ‪#‎bethegold‬ and we'll follow you on Twitter." (Posted by them on their Facebook this morning,)

The Gardiner Sisters can be found at:

Twitter: @gardinersisters
Instagram: @gardinersistersofficial

 More #bethegold YouTube videos coming soon!  I. can. not. wait. :)
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