Thursday, August 29, 2013

Name These Cards! (please)

Name these Be The Gold cards. (Photo credit Vistaprint.)

I came across an ad for quite a few business cards for only $10 from Vistaprint one night and decided to take them up on their deal. I designed these cards and place my order only to get a second offer at the checkout of a FREE 3 foot banner as well. I quickly whipped up a banner image, uploaded and ordered one. I was quite pleased with myself. 

Be The Gold banner
I am paying for all material for this campaign out of my pocket via selling some stuff on my local garage sale Facebook group, so I do my best to keep everything low to no budget but still maintain a high quality campaign. I was so pleased with not only the cost of these cards but how they turned out. For a while now, I have been asked by people for some sort of business card with Be The Gold's info and these totally fit the bill. 

Now for a more clever name than "business cards" because that name isn't very accurate because Be The Gold is not a business. (It doesn't sound very cool either.) They are really more like word-of mouth cards. I envision them being perpetually handed out; never being kept but always being passed along to new people as this movement spreads. 

So that's where you come in! I need your help to name these cards with a cool, clever, catchy, informative name. I will be taking suggestions until Sept 7th. The winning name will be picked by me and the winning suggester will receive 2 dozen of these cards as a gift. (Sorry shipping to USA and Canada only. For duplicate suggestions, prize will go to the person that commented first). To enter, comment on the Facebook status/photo about this blog post

So get your creative thinking caps on and suggest away!


  1. Why not just " The" Gold Card? In the past having a "Gold Card" has been pretty prestigious.

  2. This is me thinking of how you imagine this working. Hi, here is a couple of my "Pass the Gold" cards. Please keep one and pass the rest along. :-)


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