Friday, August 16, 2013

Things are Developing... no pun intended!

Preview of photos for Be The Gold

Things are definitely coming along!

I am most excited by the amazing photos soon to be posted on our website and various social medias. The above picture is a preview of those pics. I think they came out stunning. Mindy from Mindy Weston Photography was amazing at not only being professional and patient in setting up the shots but also in capturing what I had envisioned in my head for the photos all along. She has been a major blessing in this project!

We have a quite a few other photo sessions to complete with various other models. By the way, Brittney, the lovely lady in the preview photo, is Dallin's Sunday school teacher. She is beautiful inside and out. We had a lot of fun at her shoot and even had time to get some super cute pictures with her and the adorable scene stealer, Tucker, her maltipoo puppy.

For this photo shoot, I was looking for pictures of shopper going about her errands striking up a conversation with a clerk via her Gold name tag. This word of mouth situation is a perfect example of what Be The Gold is all about. Brittney's mom just so happens to own the trendiest most fashionable shop in town, LuLu Bella's. It was the perfect setting for the pics. I must admit I had never been to the shop before the shoot and I was so impressed with the decor and level of detail in the store. So well done!

Tomorrow has plenty more work in store. Another photoshoot, more emailng and phone calls, lots of planning.... the list goes on. It is truly a labor of love!

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