Wednesday, October 2, 2013

GOLD in the Scroll

Thumbnail on the front page!
What a great feeling having my husband walk through the door with half a dozen freshly printed newspapers with a BE THE GOLD article inside!

Yesterday the BYU-I Scroll published an article about BE THE GOLD. (CLICK HERE to read the article)

It was during the Rexburg City Council Meeting Proclamation a few weeks ago that I was first approached by Scroll reporter, Keslee Kerby. She was interested in interviewing me for a story.

We chatted for a bit as I answered some questions she had. She also visited the face painting booth at the Farmer's Market later that week. She was great to work with and very thorough. I was impressed with her professionalism and overall enthusiasm.

Later the next week, I emailed her some more info as well as a few pictures to choose from, including some pictures from the City Counsel Meeting. What a surprise to see a huge picture of my recent headshot with the article! I thought if used, the headshot would be a thumbnail picture in the corner somewhere!

Thank you to the Scroll for featuring BE THE GOLD in such an awesome way!

BYU-I Scroll Newspaper article about BE THE GOLD

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