Tuesday, October 8, 2013



This morning we hit 1,000,000 combined views. In fact, we are exactly 1,000,020 as I type. :)

Two #BeTheGold videos from Evynne Hollens
So far we have a total of 9 videos from 8 different YouTube content creators.

Evynne Hollen's has two videos currently posted. One being her beautiful "Fields of Gold" video and secondly, an uplifting vlog video.

Rounding off the rest of the current videos is a video from arguably the most popular kid on YouTube, EvanTube HD. Next is a beautiful embossed card tutorial from Catherine Pooler. Then a generous video from the super talented Mark Crilley. He celebrated his 300th YouTube video by featuring this BE THE GOLD video! He even broke out some copic markers and made his chibi drawing one of only a handful of videos featuring color. WOW! Finally, is an adorable Golden Snitch hair clip tutorial from the equally adorable Lauren Fatherweather.

More #BeTheGold videos from other awesome YouTubers!

With all of these awesome and eclectic videos, and more to come in the coming weeks and months, I had to update the video icon key. I also plan to add about 2 to 3 more icons to it this month.

Updates Icon Legend key!

Maybe it is a little OCD of me, but I love icon keys/legends! I am in awe that this list needs so many different icons! It is so awesome!

So keep your eye out for more videos! More coming soon. To make sure you don't miss any, be sure to like our Facebook page. I post new videos link there first!

My heart feels like bursting over the overwhelming support from the YouTube community! I am so appreciative of their willingness to contribute their time, talent, resources, and name to this movement! They are generous beyond words and I feel blessed to have the opportunity to know them a little better! Thank you current and future #BeTheGold YouTubers. You are more awesome than you know!

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